James Miller standing in front of the country store at the entrance of Belvoir Junkyard 

Swampoodle was once the name of the local community. It was changed to Belvoir by Fairfax Harrison, the president of the Southern Railway, when he moved to the area in the 1920s. Belvoir is a French name for beautiful view.

About Belvoir recycling

Elmer and James Miller stand along Belvoir Road at Belvoir Junkyard

     We have been able to trace our founding as early as 1921 when Elmer Miller finished high school and started a blacksmith and wheelwright shop on his family's property. Elmer was later joined by his brother James who ran the Belvoir Country Store.

     The brothers collected old cars and scrap metal throughout the years for surplus parts to serve their auto repair shop. In the early 1940s, Elmer was approached by "a man with a badge" who forced him to sell scrap for the for the War effort. 

     From then on, Belvoir Junkyard continued to buy scrap metal, repair vehicles, and serve the residents of Fauquier with used auto parts. After their deaths, the Miller Family continued operations throughout the generations.

     Today, Belvoir Recycling continues to fulfill the Miller's legacy. We have continued to grow and have adapted a modern business model. Belvoir Recycling remains a family owned business and is a midpoint between Fauquier County and global scrap markets. 

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