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Grades We Buy

  • Light/ Shredder
  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Prepared *(≤ 5' L x 1/4")
  • Cast Iron* (≤ 5' L x 1/4")

​*must be a single load no less than 1 ton to receive premium pricing 

Vehicle Guidelines

Steel Guidelines

  • Only scrap metal is accepted for recycling. We do not accept paper, glass, plastic, and cardboard for recycling 
  • All scrap must be free of trash, debris, and excessive nonmetal attachments
  • Fencing (chain link, American wire, high tensile, etc.) is not accepted
  • Safes are not accepted
  • Tires are not accepted unless attached to vehicles (please refer to the scrap vehicle tab)
  • TVs are not accepted
  • Computer monitors are not accepted
  • Scrap must free of oil, gas, and fuel (i.e. mowers, outdoor power equipment, etc.)
  • Steel cable must be cut in 5' foot lengths
  • Enclosed vessels (compressed gas cylinders, barrels, drums, buckets, tanks, etc.) must be cut in half or left open
  • All scrap must be free from oily and greasy residue, paint, or any other residue that is hazardous (please refer above to enclosed vessels)
  • Propane cylinders must be spray painted in fluorescent orange (please refer above to enclosed vessels)
  • Freon, CFC's, coolant, and refrigerant must be drained or evacuated with visual proof
  • Ballast, transformers, and capacitors are not accepted
  • Hazardous material and substances are not accepted
  • Radioactive material and substances are not accepted

Please be sure to bring your vehicle's  title. If you do not have a title and your vehicle is 10 years or older, we can buy it. There is a $25 DMV processing fee for vehicles without titles NO EXCEPTIONS. All customers selling vehicles must fill out a DMV VSA 40 form, sections 1, 3, and 5.

Virginia DMV VSA 40 Form

All gas tanks must be drained! If you are unable to do this, we will drain and dispose of fluids for $25 per vehicle

Tires mounted on:

  • Steel Wheels - $5/ea
  • Aluminum Wheels - no charge

Complete Vehicles

  • Must be complete and include the engine, transmission, battery, and catalytic converter

  • The vehicle does not have to be in running condition and may be wrecked or damaged

  • Must be free from trash and other scrap metal

Incomplete Vehicles

  • Any vehicle not consistent with the guidelines of a complete vehicle

  • Must be free of trash and debris

It is your responsibility to return license plates and notify the DMV  that your vehicle has been sold, traded, or disposed of. We do not pull old tickets, so save your receipt!  

Ferrous is iron containing metal. The easiest way to detect iron (scrap steel) is with a magnet. Anything the magnet sticks to is iron. Ferrous pricing is derived through contracts with steel mills that are based off supply and demand. Generally, iron pricing is monthly, but as with all commodities, prices are subject to change without notice.