• MLC - thick , solid pieces of clean aluminum. 
  • Wheels - for best prices, be sure to remove weights and valve stems
  • Sheet - this is the most common grade of aluminum. It is thin and free from wood, plastic, rubber, iron, and other attachments.
  • Extrusions - heavy pieces of pulled aluminum. Includes ladders and other structural pieces, free from attachments
  • Cast - clean or dirty; includes engine blocks, some pipe fittings, and many automotive components


  • Bare Bright - solid strands of striped copper wire
  • #1 - copper pipe free of paint, solder, and fittings. May contain copper bus bar, new pieces of sheet copper, bar stock, and solid rounds
  • #2 - copper pipe containing paint or solder, and free of any brass fitting. Also includes striped battery cable, or "hair wire"
  • Sheet - also referred to as light copper. This includes copper roofing and flashing.

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel must be non-magnetic to be considered non-ferrous. Furthermore, it will be clean or dirty.
  • Clean Stainless - free form any attachments. Includes pipe, shelving, laboratory, and food grade equipment
  • Dirty Stainless - kitchen sink, and some restaurant equipment. Stainless content must be greater then 90%

Sealed Units
These are the compressor motors found in refrigerators and outdoor HVAC units. They are also very heavy. Please make sure they are upright and not leaking oil.

(540) 253-5006

Insulated Copper Wire (ICW)

  • ICW 80% - THHN, and THWN
  • ICW 65% - Romex, house wire, and well pump wire
  • ICW 50% - Cat V and other communications wire
  • Low Grade ICW - extension cords, and cords from any household plug in device
  • BX - Steel or aluminum

Non-Ferrous metals we buy consist of copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and lead. There are different forms of these metals that all contain different yields. To receive the best pricing, sort accordingly. Below are some of the most common non-ferrous grades and classifications. Please contact our office for current prices, or information on material not listed.

Aluminum Copper Radiators
These are found in indoor and outdoor condenser units. They often have steel fins on the outer edges that can be easily removed with a reciprocating saw. The cutoff pieces contain aluminum, copper, and steel which  also pay a premium.

Electric Motors
These are used in many applications. Please be sure the windings are copper and the motor is free of any attachments. Other grades include:

  • Starter Motors
  • Alternators


  • Red Brass - or Bronze includes most pressure fittings and valves with the handles removed
  • Yellow Brass - indicated by a gold color, and includes many decorative items, plumbing, and HVAC fittings
  • Brass Shell Casings - no live rounds!
  • Irony Brass - some door handles, lock parts, plumbing fixtures, and other brass pieces that may contain less then 10% iron content


  • Sheet Lead - soft lead including fishing weights, bars, some downspouts, and linings for outdoor fountains
  • Range Lead - recovered bullets from shooting ranges
  • Auto Batteries - non-broken lead acid batteries from autos, trucks, and machinery
  • Wheel Weights - removed from automotive wheels